Lifeskills Resources is fortunate to work alongside with many individuals and businesses, both large and small. By applying our knowledge and understanding in the human capital field, we have successfully met our clients’ most demanding challenges – from recruitment, selection, retaining and managing people. With our experience, we would like to be your support – to design our training to help you effectively reach your business goals.

A Testimonial from our Client

“The practical application of skills learnt. Interactive activities/games make the programme fun. Small class size allows for closer interaction among participants and with facilitators.”
– HR Manager, KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital

A Testimonial from our CBCC graduate

“Many SME owners can relate that running a business isn’t easy. Besides taking care of operations, cashflow, and looking out for new opportunities, we still need to look after our teams – ensuring that they are motivated and productive. That’s ALOT of work!

After going through the CBC course, I’ve discovered numerous ways to improve many parts of my business. For example, I’ve learnt how to hire more suitable people based on their personality type and job description. Many at times, we hire based on eligibility (work experience, etc.), but the ONE THING that we tend to overlook is the SUITABILITY of the individual.

Thanks to the wonderful trainers at Lifeskills, we’re on to a great start to building a a strong culture. No regrets attending the course. In fact, if you’re looking to scale your team, this course is a MUST-GO, else you may be making a grave mistake!”
– Marcus Ho, Director of SocialMetric